Trouble in Turisad

Leaving Parsi

Sisel is alone near river Isen when she hears a rider approaching. The rider is Cham, a young member of the People’s Shields, an organization which keeps an eye on the magicians of Turisad. Cham is travelling the countryside with a group of Shields, looking for recruits.

Sisel takes Cham to her home in the nearby village of Parsi where things are set up for tomorrow’s arrival of the rest of the Shields.

The following day, the shields, led by Seeker Samac, arrive. Samac introduces himself to the entire village and then seems to test them in turn by shaking their hands. He stops by Sisel, slightly wideeyed. Apparently she has the potential to become a Seeker.

Samac tries to persuade her to join the Shields, backed up by Sisel’s grandmother Ana. The family is split on whether she should go, but Ana’s authoritatively decides that she will handle the situation. After a private conversation between Samac, Ana and Sisel, where it is revealed that Sisel must have inherited the Seeker ability from her grandmother, Ana asks what she wants to do. Sisel, to the delight of Samac and Ana, decides to join the Shields.



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